Bike Storage Earns 150000 Monthly

In recent years, Hong Kong's single-sport team has won an international competition. This has caused an upsurge of cycling in Hong Kong. More and more people like this sport, and the demand for related equipment and services continues to increase. Choi Ki Ho, a former Hong Kong cycling team representative, returned to school after retiring and noticed the market potential of the bicycle warehouse. Therefore, he was able to earn a profit of more than $100,000 per month from the bankruptcy of the owner if he was not bankrupt.

Written by 梁彩鳳
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Choi Ki Ho retired in 2013 and returned to campus to study business courses. He hopes to be able to do business later. He said: "At that time, I worked together with my classmates to do business, and took the single-car warehouse as the theme, and found that the market has great potential. After finishing it, I will share the investment practice with my classmates."

Investment returned within two years

Initially, Choi Ki Ho and others studied mini-warehouses. Some mini-warehouses also double as single-car warehouses, while single-car warehouses have been full for a long time, and even have waiting lists. So he and five classmates each received more than 200,000 yuan, a total of more than 1 million yuan, opened the first Liqi bicycle cabin near the Fo Tan subway station.

The first store has an area of more than 10,000 square feet and has about 600 warehouses. It also has a clubhouse where members can perform stretching exercises and eat, or they can rent out to different groups for dancing classes or lectures.

The positions are calculated on a monthly basis, ranging from 308 to over 1,600 yuan. The standard warehouse has a monthly rent of 308 yuan and a depth of six meters. Two bicycles can be placed.

The rent for industrial buildings is relatively cheap, especially for upstairs shops. However, people who step on bicycles need to spend time waiting for the lifts. Moreover, many elevators have iron bars at their entrances and exits. Therefore, the Liqi single-vehicle warehouse is selected for floor shops to avoid these problems. "Because I am a cyclist and I am very aware of the needs of cyclists, I have set up shower facilities in the bicycle cabin and provided tools such as an air pump to facilitate tenants."

In addition, he has a lot of personal connections and is familiar with many bicycle coaches, so he can recommend services to them. In the early days, Cai Qiyun and others sent leaflets and banners to the public near the cycling tracks. They also used the knowledge gained in business courses to make good use of Facebook and Instagram promotions.

Because it is on a ground floor, it is quite convenient for tenants to drive in and out of a bicycle.
Because it is on a ground floor, it is quite convenient for tenants to drive in and out of a bicycle.

Bankruptcy of the owner

Niki Storage opened its first year in the main storage, after a year and a half, about 90% of the positions were leased out, so that the investment of Choi Ki Ho and other people within two years to return to the original.

The customers of the Niki Storage are mainly men, including retired people and family members. They usually drive to a bicycle for exercise. Some customers and their companions come along and plan to step on bicycles together. However, most of the companions do not have bicycles. The Niki Storage is prepared. 15 bicycles for rent.

In the third year of operation of the Liqi bike warehouse, the positions were basically fully rented, with a monthly turnover of nearly 300,000 yuan and a monthly profit of approximately $150,000. The owners of the first branch went bankrupt half a year ago and their assets were frozen. Niki Storage shed was reluctant to suspend business and was quickly replaced by another berth.

As a result, Choi Ki Ho and others found a suitable ground floor shop at another factory in Fo Tan. However, they were located at a distance of more than 5,000 square feet from the MTR station, which was only half of the first branch store. Only 300 positions could be set, and they failed. Establish a clubhouse.

The Niki Storage shed provides discounts to existing customers, attracting them to new positions, resulting in half of the customers remaining. "The position of the second store has been fully leased by customers of the first shop, so the first month has already reached a balance of payments and the fourth month has started to make a profit," said Choi Ki Ho.

The second store has fewer positions, but it also has basic facilities, including shower stalls, entrances and exits, and corridors. The efficiency is less than that of the first shop. The monthly turnover is about 100,000 to 150,000 yuan and the monthly profit is about $40,000 to 50,000.

If you are forced to relocate, most of the customers in the first shop are long-term renters, and there are plenty of people who have rented for three years to prove that the market demand lies.

Choi Ki Ho said that the problem of the first shop will be finalized within half a year. If it can continue to rent, it will also operate two branches and plans to open a third branch, which means Tuen Mun, Tai Po and Shimen.

The position is six miles deep and two bicycles can be placed.
The position is six miles deep and two bicycles can be placed.
November 2016 Niki Storage Business Information
Sales figure in Nov 2016

Athletes have nowhere to spend

Choi Ki Ho began to participate in the youth training team in the sixth grade of elementary school. If he wins in a large-scale competition, he will receive a scholarship of about 7,500 yuan each year. After graduating from Secondary Five, he became a full-time athlete. His scholarship is about 6,000 to 8,000 yuan per month. In addition, the number of scholarships will increase when he wins the top three prizes in different levels. The more prizes he receives, the more advanced the prize, the more income he gets. He tried a maximum monthly income of 30,000 yuan.

"When working as a full-time athlete, there is no need to spend money on clothing, food, shelter and transportation. Because long-term training and competitions are generally conducted in remote areas, there is no place to spend money," said Choi Ki Ho.

He stored all his income, in addition to investing in Niki Storage, and reading for himself. Since 2014, he has studied Higher Diploma in Finance at the School of Continuing and Continuing Education at the Chinese University. He is currently studying for a bachelor degree in bridging courses and majoring in marketing. In 2016, tuition fees exceeded RMB 100,000.

In addition to the Niki Storage, Choi Ki Ho currently serves as a bicycle coach and teaches children to balance bicycles. In addition, she participates in bicycle-related activities and has recently become a cycling ambassador for the “Witting Spirit Charity Bicycle Marathon 2017”. The event will take place on January 22, 2017. Held.

Choi Ki Ho once represented Hong Kong in many international cycling events, including the Olympics, Asian Games and National Games. (Photo provided by the respondent)
Choi Ki Ho once represented Hong Kong in many international cycling events, including the Olympics, Asian Games and National Games. (Photo provided by the respondent)

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