Choi Ki Ho and his medals

Kyle, an award-winning former Hong Kong cyclist, opted to take a break from the peak of his athletic career and set up a joint venture with his friends to create a "cycling storage" that is rarer in Hong Kong. He specialized in business and actively equips himself to continue his studies. In order to convert the runway to another innovative cause.

The rapids did not mean that he stopped. After retiring from his service, Kyle and a group of friends he knew in the real estate investment program jointly set up Niki Storage in Fo Tan. The name of the bicycle warehouse was made by his girlfriend's name, Niki.

He pointed out that the establishment of a single-car park can, to a certain extent, extend the past career as a cycling athlete, and can also provide tenants with advice on bicycle maintenance and parts use based on their previous professional knowledge. Cycling activities, contact a group of enthusiasts and tenants. As for the funds for starting a business, it comes from the bonuses of previous athletes, as well as the scholarships provided by the sports institutes, etc., with a total of 6 digits.

Expertise in providing maintenances and advices

The single-vehicle warehouse covers an area of ​​10,000 baht, with a monthly rent of about $100,000. It can hold 500 storage cabinets. Currently, there are about 320 storage cabinets in service, of which 80% have been leased, and the bicycle warehouse can obtain about $150,000 each month. $200,000 in rental income. The parking period for single-car storage bins ranges from one month to one year. The monthly rent ranges from almost $170 to the most expensive of approximately $1,800, with a leisure zone, bicycle maintenance and car wash area.
Kyle said that it is also planned to open branches in the future, but it will only look for suitable properties for further expansion plans after the single-car park is fully serviced and the total occupancy rate reaches 80% to 90%.

In addition to starting a business, Kyle has re-entered school. He pointed out that at the time of the examination, he was studying business and had always been interested in economics, finance and accounting. Therefore, the subjects selected after graduation were all related to the economy. He is currently attending the Higher Diploma in the Department of Finance of the Chinese University and hopes to be re Obtaining a degree qualification will help him flex his muscles in the business community.

Kyle was previously expected to have the most chance to participate in the Tour de France, but suddenly announced his retirement at the golden age of the athlete. Choi said that when he was a full-time athlete after graduating from middle school in 2008, he had already planned to retire before the age of 26 and he hoped to devote himself to his youth and gain more achievements and awards in sports.

Repeatedly winning the cup to meet the needs of returning to the campus to read finance

After taking part in the 2012 London Olympics and completing the 2013 National Games, he believes that several goals in his cycling career have been completed, such as winning the 2010 Cycling World Cup championship, the 2010 Asian Games silver medal, and in 2011. In the summer of 2013, he always thought about whether he should retreat or go to the South Korea cycling competitions, etc.; when he was an athlete, he often traveled to the Mainland, such as Kunming and Guangzhou, and had fewer people and things to contact and know. European Tour de France. After a series of struggles, he finally decided to end his cyclist career with good memories. He changed his mind to returning to Hong Kong to study and pursue business, and to continue to pursue another goal.

Property target: learn investment, speed up buying the first property

At present, Kyle and his parents live in Habitat housing estates in Ma On Shan. Although they are only 23 years old and are currently young, they have no plans to buy a home at the moment. However, preliminary plans have been made for future plans to buy property. He pointed out that at the current stage, he will work hard to pursue his studies. After graduation, he will strive for good performance in his work. During the rest of the public's time, he will do more studies and learn more investment skills so as to increase his ability to earn money and achieve the goal of getting a car to buy a building.

In addition, he loves properties in the New Territories because he has a lower population density than urban areas and fresh air. He hopes that he can purchase a 3-bedroom unit and increase indoor activity space. The best is to have a bicycle track nearby, so that he can easily step on bicycles to keep fit.

Regarding the government’s move to tighten mortgage lending at the end of last month, he believes that the move is the hardest for investors, and it is believed that it will help ease the atmosphere of speculation and make the property market more healthy. In the long run, it will depend on increasing the supply of residential properties to balance the property market. The role.

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