Our core belief

Niki Storage originated from a business proposal competition. Our purpose of its establishment is to contribute to the cycling circle in Hong Kong, making it an attraction point for cycling lovers.

We reckon that residential homes in Hong Kong are small in general, making hard to store bikes at home. If you travel on MTR with your bike, you have to dismount a wheel, which often means waiting for a long time before you could squeeze into a train during rush hours. This is hard time for many people. As such, we focus on tackling problems that bike lovers are faced with, and how to provide the best quality services to them.

We picked this location in Fo Tan, in which many bike lovers gather and professional bike shops abounds. The bike trail also links you to anywhere you like. We chose a ground floor premise at the expense of a huge cost, only to cater for the convenience of bike lovers. We have a number of high-end shower closet, bike repair area, high water pressure bike cleaning area. All sort of facilities you can imagine.

The story behind Niki Storage’s brand name

Many people think biking is more of a masculine sport. Have you ever wonder, why would we adopt a feminine name for our bike storage?

Kyle Choi is one of our founders; and “Niki” is the name of Kyle’ s girlfriend. During each and every tough moments in Kyle’s career as a professional biker, Niki has always provided unlimited support and encouragement to him. We hope to extend Niki’s support and encouragement to all bike lovers.

We believe that Niki Storage’s promise to customers is as strong as Niki’s to Kyle. In designing our services, we strive to think like a bike lover. By valuing what customers feel like most, we satisfy your needs best.

Your first name, added to my last name; Hereafter, we shall be free from worries and wants; Holding your hand, growing old together; You are the only reason for a splendid life; Being with you is all I need.

Such is the romantic story, creating beautiful miracles in life. (“Niki” reads the same as “beautiful miracles” in Cantonese).

Such is where the Niki spirit came from.