So sweet in becoming a business-owner when Kyle opened his bike storage branded with his girlfriend’s name

Sportsroad 7th Sept 2014

“Special Report” Since his retirement from the Hong Kong Cycling Team, former team-member Kyle Choi, who was dubbed “the king of mountain climbing”, has left cycling behind. Recently Kyle opened his bike storage in Fotan and named it the same as his girlfriend Niki, as a token to thank Niki’s support throughout the years, at the same time heading to another “mountain trail” as “Boss Choi”.

Once deemed as the star among local cyclists in Hong Kong, Kyle retired from the professional league with much pity received within the city. His stepping down has only fueled Kyle’s passion for cycling. After being the spokeperson for bike gears, he opened his “Niki (Bike) Storage”, with more than 10 thousand square feet, in Fotan yesterday.

“There was a time when I did not want to do anything with bike at all, yet I could not just forget cycling after my retirement. The opening of this bike storage is the result of the shareholders who wish to continue my cycling life.” Together with the barely 23-year-old Kyle, 10 shareholders invested an 7-digit figure, with a story behind which started as a classroom competition: “I went to a property investment classes. There was a competition. Our group won it by proposing a plan including property investment and running a bike storage. After completion, we decided to make it real!”

Honorary guests in the opening ceremony included Outstanding Young Person PONG Oi Lan, Scarlett, J.P. (HK), famous cyclist Hung Chung-yam and Leung Hung-tak, the President of the Cycling Association of Hong Kong.

The 141 lockers inside the bike storages carry special meaning

First timer as a boss, Kyle not only roll up this sleeves to do the marketing work, he also branded the bike storage with his girlfriend’s name, as a token of thankfulness to her long term support: “It has been 4 years since our relationship started. For the first 3 years we were separated by the border, I was in Qunming and she was studying in New Zealand. Each year we could only see each other for one time or two. I appreciate her a lot for supporting me behind the scene, never giving me any pressure.” Taking care of matters alongside Kyle in the opening ceremony, Niki said: “Perhaps it’s because he has been a tenacious athlete, he has committed a lot in maintaining our relationship.”

Two bikes in each locker

The long distance relationship was maintained by phone alone, until Kyle came back to Hong Kong last year. While the mode of being together is now different, Kyle is still fond of the feeling that Niki is always supportive, including the decision to open this bike storage. Niki revealed that she only learned that the bike storage was named the same as hers; Kyle presented Niki a bouquet and a kiss as a gesture of appreciation.

Kyle kissed girlfriend to express gratitude

Other than naming, Kyle also pay attention to details within the storage. Apart from displaying his past trophies and his bikes, the bike storage contains 141 lockers, representing the 141 gold medals he earned in the past. There are also a bike repair area and high water pressure bike-cleaning area, etc. Kyle wishes to gather cycling lovers: “I hope to promote more cycling related knowledge through this platform; there will be lectures on physiotherapy.” At present, Kyle is active in teaching kids to cycle, with a view to expand the scale to a cycling academy, so that he could develop his cycling career in another capacity.

Kyle’s past awards inside the storage

Address of Niki Storage:G/f, Valiant Industrial Centre, 2-12 Au Pui Wan Street, Fo Tan, Shatin (near Exit D, Fotan MTR Station)

Book an appointment now:(852) 3188 3122


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